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Be a shameless self-promoter! July 30, 2008

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Be a shameless self-promoter! It never hurts to share your stories…

As my clients know, I am always asking for stories that go beyond their basic services and business. Showing your personal side and experiences can open you up to a whole new audience at times. It makes you human and not just a biz owner trying to make a buck. And when you want to stay out there, I feel you must be a shameless promoter at times. (Not Attention Whore as Len wrote kiddingly here 😉 )

Many of my clients and friends know the story of how my fiancé and I met. If you didn’t its in the Arizona Republic today. Also, only so much of what you say in an interview gets included in stories…I thought I gushed more about my darling husband to be, but that didnt make the story. I cringed at the “serial dating” sentence, but I did say it and it did tie into how the story developed.
Sonja Haller was the writer and she’s been a great person to work with at the paper. She’s always looking for good, interesting stories for the LOVE STORY section and others, so contact her if you know a great one.

Here is the story.



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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) an estimated 50 million people suffer from allergies in the United States. Of those 50 million, 12 million are diagnosed with some sort of food allergy. There are two different types of reactions to these allergies, one being immediate and the other delayed. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is an antibody in the immune system that instantly reacts causing hives, swelling and congestion. The immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody reacts more slowly potentially causing crankiness, back pain and sleep disturbance within hours of eating the harmful food.

Allergies affecting the IgG antibody are much harder to detect, mainly because most people do not relate the symptoms to an allergic reaction. Dr. Mike Staub, owner of the Bone and Joint Wellness Center, uses blood testing to identify these allergies.

“When people come into my office with unexplainable pain, they almost always doubt it could possibly result from allergies,” said Dr. Staub. “Patients usually avoid an allergy test for the fear of it being painful, but the IgG test is a simple pain-free way to start living a healthier life.”

Blood testing for allergies is a fairly new process. The food allergy blood panels are becoming increasing popular for physicians as a reliable method to aid in the diagnosis of an otherwise difficult diagnostic problem. Before this type of testing the only methods to test food allergies were skin tests, elimination and challenge diets or double blind placebo controlled oral food challenges.

“I was in so much pain everyday and it wasn’t until after the IgG test that I realized I was allergic to almost everything I craved and ate daily,” said Alison Zelenski, a patient of Dr. Mike Staub. “This test has made it possible for me to enjoy life and made me feel like a completely new person.”

The Bone and Joint Wellness Center is owned by Dr. Mike .Staub and Dr. Shaun Hudson. Mike is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified in Physical Therapy and Acupuncture. Shaun is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified in Physical Therapy. Both doctors are graduates of Logan University and have been practicing for eleven years.

The Bone and Joint Wellness Center is located at 7701 E. Indian School Rd, Suite H in Scottsdale, AZ. For more information, call 480-990-2663 or visit their websites at or


How am I doing? July 22, 2008

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If you own a business, you know that the value of word of mouth is priceless.  What your clients share and pass on to others can build your business and reputation. I have some clients who are afraid at first to ask their best customers to write a testimonial or refer them to others. But it is absolutely essential and important to do this not only for biz, but for your marketing and website material. If you don’t have a testimonial page on your website or don’t include quotes from customers in pamplets or flyers, you are missing out.  So, today, I ask that you shoot an email or request recommendations on your LinkedIn profile of some of those key people in your life. One way is to ask them to explain in a short paragraph what was the problem, how did you solve it and how has it improved or changed that person’s situation. Not only will it be great material for your marketing efforts, it will also give you a nice little ego boost.  Return the favor, too…or out of the blue send a handwritten Thank You to a person or business that you really enjoyed or had a memorable experience at.  The positive vibes and words go a long way. 

Not sure how to go about asking for a testimonial? Here’s a great article that gives great tips about timing and tactfulness.


New AZ Skincare line and sales training office July 14, 2008

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A new client, Lisa VanBockern has launched her own new skincare product line, Skin Script. I’ve used her products (before I was doing her PR) and really liked them. This one is my fave:

Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub with Kojic

·          Resurfaces and Refines the Skin

·          Lessens Visible Aging

·          Lightens Discolorations

·          Promotes Collagen Production

Retinol: Dissolves keratinization, resurfaces and smoothes the skin, stimulates collagen production to improve skin quality and youthfulness

Kojic Acid: Lightens skin discolorations, slows the production of melanin and assists in maintaining desired skin coloration after professional treatments

Jojoba Beads: Provides the physical exfoliation component of the product, gently buffs away dead surface debris

New Skin Care Product Line Announces Opening of Tempe Sales & Training Office

(Tempe, AZ) – Skin Script, a new Tempe-based skin care company, announces today that is has opened its first sales and training office at 6115 South Kyrene Road, Suite 200, in Tempe.  Its telephone number is (480) 543-1121.

The Sales & Training office expansion will facilitate advanced, hands-on training for aestheticians, provide training on retail products, offer an aesthetician referral program and provide retail marketing assistance.

Solely owned by Lisa VanBockern, Skin Script is nearing its first anniversary with sales over $140,000 in metropolitan Phoenix alone.

“This is a true milestone for Skin Script,” said VanBockern, an aesthetician for many years. “We owe much of our company’s growth to the incredible response by those who have tried the product line and the physicians who keep recommending us.”


About Skin Script

Skin Script is a professional product line that specializes in medical-grade skin care products for all skin types. The line was developed by two doctors and four aestheticians who saw the need for a complete skin care line that included retinols, glycolics, antioxidants and natural lighteners that can be used on a daily basis by all skin types and all ethnicities.  Skin Script achieves the noticeable results people want, without harsh irritation to the skin. The developers of Skin Script have also recognized the need for advanced back bar products for aestheticians to attain remarkable results for their professional treatments. Enzymes, masks, and peels were developed to complete the Skin Script experience, leaving clients with glowing, youthful skin.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients and low ph, Skin Script is available within physicians’ offices only. For more information about Skin Script, please visit



Lisa VanBockern

Owner, Skin Script

Lisa VanBockern, a graduate of Arizona State University’s College of Business, began her career as a senior business analyst for Ernst & Young consulting, one of the world’s leading professional services organizations.

Years later, a business opportunity within the aesthetic field presented itself and VanBockern enrolled at the Skin & Makeup Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon completion, she worked under two physicians in the aesthetic field since 2004 and gained a vast knowledge of skin care conditions and ingredients within topical treatments. 

Her passion for skin care and desire to achieve real results for her clients led her into the research and development of her own skin care line, Skin Script. Skin Script is a professional product line that specializes in medical-grade skin care products for all skin types. Nearing its first anniversary, VanBockern’s skin care line has reached sales totaling over $140,000 in metropolitan Phoenix alone.

VanBockern is a Tempe resident.  


The Monsoon and your car July 12, 2008

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NARPRO is a local network of outstanding, independent car repair shops in the Valley with reputable and certified mechanics and shop stats. Below is a lot of advice and tips that will be relevant to any Monsoon related issue you could have with your car.

From the NARPRO Family, some info and tips for you:

Bob McLeod from Sunland Auto Service in Mesa was asked how to monsoon proof your car and he said “You have a better chance to Monsoon proof the person than their car.  It’s the way the people drive in inclimate weather around here that are causing their own problems.  They need to slow down especially when driving through standing water to prevent water from coming into the engine bay.  So slow down and take your time.”

When is “Water Too Deep To Drive Through”?
– If the water is less than ½ the height of the vehicles wheels there is little concern.  However always drive slow to prevent water from coming into contact with electrical systems and air intakes.
– If the water level tops ½ of the wheel it would be prudent to have the vehicle inspected by a certified technician.
– Short term exposure is unlikely to have significant impact, but minimally all fluids should be inspected.

If your vehicle stalled after a heavy storm you have options.
1. Find the affected component(s) and remove the moisture.
2. Let time remove the moisture.
3. If you are stalled in deep or under water – Do not try to start it.   Water in the intake or engine it is likely to cause severe damage.  Have the vehicle towed to a NARPRO facility.  Certified technicians can repair the condition and may be able to prevent future recurrence.

Frank Leutz of Desert Car Care in Chandler sells a lot of windshield wipers this time of year and has found that “No matter how good the wiper blade and it’s guarantee, they all seem to last a year.  Everybody seems to wait until they need them and then they don’t work or worse fail completely and permanently scratch the windshield”

McLeod of Sunland Auto also pointed out that with the increased humidity air conditioning systems are working harder to remove the moisture in the cabin and their is a lot more water coming out of the condensation tube underneath vehicles.  “People should not panic when they see a puddle under their car during the monsoons.  The amount of water that their air conditioners are pulling out of the air is probably 10 fold when it’s over 30-40% humidity.”

One other tip McLeod recommends is when parking in the shade beware of trees or shrubs that shed leaves and debris into the exterior fresh air intakes just in front of the windshield.  “Debris can sometimes cause the air conditioning condensation tube to clog and not be able to drain the water which can cause mold and mildew problems, making the inside of the vehicle smell and eventually corrode the condenser which leads to air conditioning failure.”

Tires and brakes are essential any time.  Driving in (technically on) water tests them even more.  Additionally, streets can develop an oily slime layer creating even more demanding conditions especially during the first hour of rain. 

NARPRO recommends a certified technician perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection at least twice a year.  They will alert you to conditions current and pending which will assist you in managing and maintaining your vehicle; reducing both the cost and stress of vehicle ownership.

Here are some other monsoon tips concerning safety involving the readiness of your vehicle:

When a storm approaches…
Find shelter in a building or car. Keep car windows closed and avoid convertibles.
Should a power line fall on your car while you’re in it, don’t touch anything metal in the car, and stay inside until professional help arrives.

Flash Floods Can Take Only a Few Minutes to a Few Hours to Develop…
– A flash flood WATCH means flash flooding is possible in your area.
– A flash flood WARNING means a flash flood is occurring or will occur very soon.
– If driving through a flooded area, DO NOT try to cross washes with water in them.
– If your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.
– Don’t enter a dust storm if you can avoid it.
– Turn headlights on and slow to a prudent speed.
– If you pull off the road, get as far to the right as possible. Turn off the car and headlights, and set the parking brake. Keep your foot off the brake pedal – other drivers may think you’re a car in motion.
– Rain reduces traction and causes tires to hydroplane. Slow your speed accordingly.
– Water on roads may be deeper than it looks. Watch for vehicles traveling too fast. They can throw up blinding sheets of water.
– Don’t cross rain-swollen washes. You can be caught in a flash flood that can sweep your vehicle and its contents away.
– Pay attention to hazard signs and roadblocks. Ignoring them threatens life and property, and can result in enforcement action by police.

Stuck in a wash:
(Control of a vehicle is lost in 6 inches of water. Most vehicles will begin to float in 2 feet of water.)
1. If you have a phone, call 911.
2. If the water is still low and you can wade to safety, do so, but beware of floating debris. 
3. If the water is too high to wade safely, if you can, climb onto the roof and wait to be rescued.

If you are new to Arizona, be aware that there is a rule called the “Stupid Motorist Law”. If you have to be rescued, you will have to pay for the expenses used to get you out of the problem. Just try to stay off the roads when a storm hits and don’t assume you can drive through water…



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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- Simply Dentistry in Scottsdale wants to change the perception of going to the dentist as a “necessary evil” by creating a more comfortable patient experience. Dr. Bich-Ngoc (Bicky) Tran provides the latest technology with personalized patient care aiming to educate and reduce any apprehension or misgivings. Dr. Tran has designed her practice to be a warm, welcoming, and eco-friendly environment. Her soothing office is housed in a remodeled 1950s home retrofitted with sustainable materials, from the insulation made from recycled blue jeans to the toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt cups.


“Many dentists appear to be in the ‘business’ of dentistry,” shared Dr. Tran. “I’m in the ‘practice’ of dentistry.” Dr. Tran’s personal approach offers patients a new way to feel about dental health that is not remotely as uncomfortable as childhood memories of the dentist chair. In fact, she hopes for her waiting room to feel more like your family room than a dentist’s office.

Dr. Tran understands that the technology of the dental industry is changing, and she has incorporated this new technology into her patient care. The electric handpieces used at Simply Dentistry are much quieter than traditional ones, and are almost drowned out by the sound from the television directly above the patient’s chair. The use of digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras allow the patient to see what the dentist sees. Laser dentistry results in significantly shorter recovery times for procedures ranging from simple fillings to cosmetic gum-recontouring surgeries, which improve “gummy” smiles.  When used in removing smaller cavities, shots can often time be eliminated with the laser.  A frenectomy surgery becomes painless with the use of the laser. Frenectomies can potentially eliminate lisps and speech problems when performed in early childhood.  
“While some dental procedures can still be uncomfortable, it is important for a patient to have a dentist that they can trust,” said Dr. Tran, who desires for an open relationship with each of her patients – one in which they feel comfortable to share all of their concerns. She takes these concerns into account when creating individualized treatment plans for her patients, offering alternative options that may be less costly whenever possible.

Through the combination of Dr. Tran’s genuine attention to her patient’s needs, her use of cutting-edge dental technology, and her attention to environment-friendly practices, Simply Dentistry provides a personalized patient experience that is difficult to find elsewhere.

To learn more about Simply Dentistry call (480) 429-9700 or visit the office at 7552 E. Camelback Road Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251.

For all media inquires contact Charlotte Risch at The Media Push at 602-418-8534.


Friday Deal – Monsoon Help from Community Tire

Check out Community Tire’s SMART SHOPPER DEAL OF THE DAY:

Don’t get caught in the monsoon storms with bad tires or a crappy old windshield wiper!