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Latisse for fuller, lusher lashes in AZ February 20, 2009

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latisse_before_and_after_photosLatisse and Derma Health Institute’s Dr. Ann Watwood were featured in today’s issue of YES. Check it out on Page 14.



Derma Health Institute to Offer Groundbreaking New Product

Mesa/Chandler/Ahwatukee, Arizona– Derma Health Institute locations in Arizona now offer a revolutionary new product called Latisse. Latisse is the first and only FDA approved product available as a treatment eyelash growth.

“Not only will this revolutionary new product change the lives for many people who have little or no eyelash hair,” said Trish Gulbranson, owner of Derma Health Institute. “It’s going to be a huge cosmetic benefit to all women worldwide. As we age, it’s normal for us to have thinner lighter eyelashes and it’s the eyelash that frames the eye and makes the eyes stand out.” In the past there were really very few choices for women with this problem, outside of wearing false eyelashes. Latisse is a great option with proven results. Our clients are going to be thrilled to actually grow longer, darker, fuller eyelash hair.”

Latisse is manufactured by Allergan, the company that produces Botox and Juvederm. Applied nightly to the upper lash line, this product has shown tremendous eyelash growth when used consistently for 16 weeks. Results include longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, encourages the production of more eyelash hairs and also extends the duration of the eyelash growth phase. Clinical trials have shown that patients, who use this product daily and in accordance with the instructions, will see results in as little as four weeks. The product works gradually from the inside out with full results after 16 weeks of consistent use. This product is a prescription drug and can only be prescribed by a physician.

Gulbranson added, “Latisse will offer new hope for many patients; whether they are looking to add some volume to their eyelashes without having to fuss with mascara or they need a significant amount of help regrowing lashes all together. This is a monumental development in our industry.”

Recently honored by Arizona Woman Magazine as one of the Top 10 Med Spas in the valley, Derma Health Institute is a physician-based medical center specializing in non-invasive and minimally invasive laser and aesthetic procedures. Derma Health Institute offers services such as Titan body skin tightening, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion and laser wrinkle reduction.

For more information on Latisse or to find out if it is right for you, contact Derma Health Institute at (480) 539-0777 Mesa / (480) 730-9000 Chandler / (480) 460-1505 Ahwatukee or visit


Latest on reality of housing and mortgages in AZ February 18, 2009

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5508-unk-013Dean Wegner, a local real estate, mortgage and credit expert in Phoenix has been a popular guy with the media as the news of President Obama visits the Valley and discusses his plans for the weak housing market and foreclosure issues in AZ.

Dean was featured in an interview On NewsTalk 92.3FM: Is the Valley’s mortgage crisis as bad as it seems?

Yes, said Dean Wegner, mortgage originator at American Financial Lending in Phoenix.

“It’s definitely as bad as it sounds, especially in Phoenix. We went from No. 2 in job growth to No. 48 in job growth, so we went from a boom town to a bust town. Eighty percent of our economy revolves around real estate and that sector of the economy has just been wiped off the planet Earth. Yes, we are struggling.”

This isn’t exactly good news, but it is reality. I know its a challenge sometimes for clients to talk about the “bad stuff”, but I’d rather know the reality and how I can learn from it and prepare than to have sunshine blown up my a**.

Here are some other things Dean shared with me that I am pitching local media…

“If you are buying a home for more than $270,000 you will need 20% down or a 720+ fico. This will result in further home prices falling and the continuing downward spiral. Anyone that has a home for more than $300,000 should plan on their home going down another 30% in the next 2 years.”

“Help for homebuyers in the Stimulus Plan. Looks like it is a $8,000 tax credit and does not have to be paid back, 1st time homebuyer only. And must hold 3 years. Much better than the last program, it was a total flop. So far I have had more people excited about this in the last week than the other program combined.”



20860 North Tatum Blvd #160


Why a dentist is talking about Heart Month February 10, 2009

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ist2_2751603-love-your-teethWith February being Heart Month, it is important to acknowledge an unsuspected connection to heart disease, your mouth. Individuals who have gum disease are TWO times more likely to develop some type of heart disease than people who don’t. Gum disease occurs when plaque gets under the gum line and bacteria begin to grow. The bacteria can get into the blood stream, bring it to the heart and increase the chances of heart disease. Gum disease is more dangerous than cavities and other dental problems because there is usually no pain until it is severe.

Some prevention tips:

· Proper brushing and flossing everyday- brushing toward the gums along with circular motions.
· Remember plaque forms thicker the closer it is to the gum line.
· An early warning sign can be bleeding during flossing and brushing. If this does suddenly occur and continues it is important to visit your dentist.
· Regular check-ups at the dentist, twice a year
· If gum disease does develop, take care of the symptoms and causes immediately.

To learn more about Simply Dentistry call (480) 429-9700 or visit the office at 7552 E. Camelback Road Scottsdale, Ariz. 85251.


Females Feel No Fear at Repair Shop February 5, 2009

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Nadine with her Green Shop CertAIRPARK AUTO SERVICE Presents Knowledge is Power -Car Care Seminar for Women

Saturday February 28, 2009 from 10:00am to Noon

AIRPARK AUTO SERVICE 8115 E. Raintree Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Breakfast and Lunch will be catered by Paradise Bakery

Cost: Free

This Women’s Clinic Seminar is designed to give you a basic understanding of the following:

Indentify leaking fluids
Understanding Dash Lights
Engine Basics
Scams and Rip-off tactics
Proper Maintenance
When actual service is needed

Please RSVP by calling: 480-998-1605 or e-mail:
Seating is Limited so please RSVP Today!
This Seminar will be taught by Nadine Grobmeier, owner of Airpark Auto Service


Momentum helping businesses facing layoffs February 4, 2009

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hayes1883_e-mailNew client, Mike Hayes of Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix is looking to reach out to businesses affected by layoffs, especially managers and HR directors feeling the stress of having to let staff go due to financial or economical setbacks within the company.

Momentum Staffing Offers Free Counseling

With news that more than million people were laid off across the country in 2008, nearly everyone knows a friend of family member who has lost their job. Many companies are struggling with assisting laid off workers and we are trying to do our part to help. With jobs scarce, job seekers need to hone their skills to be competitive.

The staff of Momentum Specialized Staffing is offering to meet and counsel employees at companies who have been forced to lay off staff. Any company in the Phoenix area is eligible for a free session with their staff.

“We will offer assistance with interview tips, resumes, attire and networking,” said Michael Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing. ‘We may not have a position available with our company but helping individuals present themselves better will only benefit our company and the community in the long run.”

The service is being offered for a limited time and there is no obligation. To schedule a session, call Hayes at (602) 477-8193.

Michael D. Hayes is owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing, a Phoenix-based recruitment company. Momentum specializes in easing the burden of recruiting qualified applicants for companies. Read Hayes’ blog at