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Mike Hayes becoming a go-to guy for topical job stories March 1, 2009

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News regarding layoffs, furloughs and job hunts have kept Mike Hayes of Momentum Specialized Staffing busy when media seek sources and information in Phoenix.

In today’s Arizona Republic: Staffing Agencies. Need drops as employers cut jobs.

On 93.3FM KTAR: Job search-Follow Instructions.

And in a recent blogpost on Does owning golf clubs make me a golfer?

Mike also offers his thoughts on other related and topical issues going on in today’s news. Check out his blog here.

For more info or to contact:
Michael D. Hayes
Momentum Specialized Staffing
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One Response to “Mike Hayes becoming a go-to guy for topical job stories”

  1. Al Andersen Says:

    I am writing you to appeal to your heart and to help the countless professionals being laid off in the Phoenix area. Compass Consulting is a new company with the single goal of connecting job seekers with the resources that they need to find the people and companies who are hiring. We saw a news report on Pink Slip Parties three weeks ago and decided that this was the best delivery method to get people and jobs connected. These parties have been held in NYC, LA, Philadelphia, and Chicago (Google Pink Slip Party to see events and video clips) with up to 350 job seekers networking in a casual environment with hiring companies, recruiters, and other helpful people. We are starting our version call Pinkedin Parties on April 30th at Karsten. We chose Karsten for its ability to handle 350 people and ample parking(plus we are ASU grads and have a dog named Sparky). Our goal is to put 275 job seekers for three hours with 50-75 hiring companies, recruiters, industry experts, and anyone else who finds it in their heart to help professionals get connected to jobs. We are partnering with the AZ Technology Council, Goodwill, ASU Alumni Association, Aflac,, and talking to many others. After the food is expensed, all of the rest of the money will go to AZ Tech and Goodwill.
    The vast majority of the laid off workers are in between the jobs available at local job fairs and the executives who are going through high priced recruiters dedicated to their individual searches. My guess is that 80% of the people fall into this category between job fairs and executives. The Pinkedin Parties are the best chance for these individuals to network and get past the electronic wall of just posting your resume on the internet job sites. We talked with several outplacement companies and realized that they cater to workers being laid off by large companies and being paid to create a soft landing for these employees. The costs are high and these companies did not take on individual workers. We created Compass to help people get prepared to differentiate themselves in a hugely competitive job market. Some of these services are offered online or at local meeting but the training is lecture format and not interactive. We can deliver more content in a month than a job seeker could get in 6-12 months of going to these other events. Most job seekers will not get 10 opportunities to be interviewed and get hired. They must be ready to stand out quickly and get employed. We will do both classroom and 1 on 1 training depending on the skill levels of the individual. A client could go through all 12 modules in 45 days or less.

    This where you come in. We need to get publicity to fill the first Pinkedin event. In other cities, the TV and Radio stations created a buzz AFTER the first event. We want to get the word out BEFORE our first event. The plan is to do Pinkedin Parties twice month until the economy improves to the point where they are no longer necessary. Please review the information attached and give me a call at 602-684-9300.

    Al Andersen

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