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Do you LIKE Famous Dave’s? Win a Backyard BBQ Party for 20 people! July 21, 2010

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Starting July 21 until July 28, go to and “Like” us. Then, tell us why in a post and finish this sentence “I like Famous Dave’s because ____.”
A winner will be announced on Monday, August 2nd.

The winner must schedule the Backyard BBQ party on a weekend in August or in September (excluding Labor Day.)

PRIZE DETAILS: The backyard BBQ for the winner will be as follows:
• Location will be at the home or venue of the winner’s choice. *Venue must be approved by famous Dave’s of Phoenix catering office
• Famous Dave’s will serve Ribs, Country Roasted Chicken, Wilbur Beans, Coleslaw, Muffins and Bread Pudding
• Famous Dave’s will grill on site with a grill master
• This will be a full service event (with grill master) for a maximum of 20 people

It is allowed that the winner may purchase more than the food/beverage included, including labor.


5 Responses to “Do you LIKE Famous Dave’s? Win a Backyard BBQ Party for 20 people!”

  1. Elta Kay Hooper Says:

    I like Famous Dave’s because the Brisket is really good, the choice of sauces is great, but, Oh, man! That Bread Pudding is fan-n-n-tastic!!


  2. themediapush Says:

    Thanks, Elta. Make sure to LIKE them on Facebook and post this to be entered –

  3. marclay wise Says:

    Meals are more than finger lickin great. We end up with sauce from ear to ear and proud of it. Never a half empty plate , they are cleaned

  4. marclay wise Says:

    Starters can ruin a terrific meal and fill you before the main attraction arrives. Thank goodness for take home bags.

  5. themediapush Says:

    MARCLAY, Make sure to “like” them on Facebook and post your reason why there:

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