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Need a fun summer camp idea for the kids? North Valley Gymnastics has the answer! April 25, 2012

ImageNorth Valley Gymnastics has a great summer camp program. It is an opportunity for any kid to get involved and learn more about gymnastics. Gymnastics is a great foundation for any sport. Gymnastics is a HOT sport right now as we head into the Summer Olympics. Children will get to experience many of the sports they will see on TV this summer at the camp! 

North Valley Gymnastics Summer Camp provides children ages 4-12 with gymnastics, games, and weekly special events!  Our experienced staff is energetic, CPR certified and committed to providing a fun-filled day for your child.  Our flexible schedule lets you plan your child’s summer fun based on your needs.  Call 602-404-FLIP(3547) today!

North Valley Gymnastics provides answers for parents who are looking for the right camp for their children.


Here is some helpful information about what our camps will offer:

  • Flexible hours Monday thru Friday for full and half day campers. Our Camp hour choices are from 9am to12 noon for half day campers and 9am to 3:30pm for full day campers.
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • Drop in rates for parents that need a more flexible schedule
  • Small camp ratios. Such as 8:1 for our Junior campers ages 4-7 and 10:1 for ourolder campers ages 8-12.
  • A trained CPR, First Aid & Safety certified coaching staff.
  • Fun-filled Theme weeks, make gymnastic camp exciting and more creative.
  • Campers bring their own lunch, but NVG provides healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks.(Special arrangements for children with food allergies are handled with care.)
  • During the summer months, we have exciting water days for the kids with a waterslide, water balloons, and water games.
  • A weekly schedule is always provided.
  • All camp days are structured and planned carefully so that campers are in a learning environment while still having fun.
  • No experience needed to participate in gymnastic camp

North Valley prides itself on building self-esteem and enhancing a child’s gymnastic interests. While gymnastics focuses on building strength, flexibility, and basic motor skills, we provide the skills and knowledge that can build the foundation for any sport.

WEEKLY THEMESSession 1 (6/4 -6/8): Pajama Party

Session 2 (6/11-6/15): Super Hero

Session 3 (6/18-6/22): Pirate / Disney

Session 4 (6/25-6/29): Hawaiian Beach

Session 5 (7/9-7/13): Crazy Hair

Session 6 (7/16-7/20): Western Rodeo

Session 7 (7/23-7/27): Sports

Session 8 (7/30-8/3): 60’s Theme


Registration Fee

Gym Members: Free

Non Gym Members: $10 per camper

Balance Due for June Camps by May 1, 2012

July camps by June 1, 2012




Drop In Rate $55/Day




Drop In Rate $35/Day

****** Morning Snack and Drink will be provided. Full Day Campers must bring a sack lunch. ******


Camp registration can be submitted in person, by fax, by mail or by email. All applicable Registration Fees along with a $50.00 nonrefundable

deposit is due per Child/per Session to hold your spot. The registration fee and deposit is due at the time of registration.

The remaining balance must be paid by the due date listed above. If fees are not paid by the due date, we reserve the right to drop

your child(ren) from the camp sessions they are registered in. There will be no refund of any deposits paid.

Drop In rate applies to any registrations that occur during the actual week of camp.

There will be no make-ups or refunds for missed days.

Changes to sessions and/or days will result in a $10.00 change processing fee.

A registration and waiver form must be completed at time of registration.




Donley Service Center offers information and advice to consumers and businesses about Freon price increase

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This Freon increase story is still making news around the country. Phoenix will be hit hard since it is so hot in the summer and AC units are running constantly. 

Here is a recent news story from Kansas City that explains some of the situation. 


Local HVAC company offers information and advice to consumers and businesses

(Phoenix, AZ – January 2012) In the past week, the cost of Freon (R22) almost doubled in cost. This is in response to the EPA reducing production and import of the gas used in many air conditioner units according to the guidelines of the Clean Air Act. According to this New York Times article there is a loophole in the legislation which is dividing the HVAC industry. As a result, many major manufacturers have announced significant price increases and are currently limiting shipments. This will effect HVAC (Heating/Venilation/Air Conditioning) companies and their pricing, plus homeowners and businesses with older A/C units that recharge with Freon (R22) each year.

Mike Donley, owner of Donley Service Center in Phoenix advises homeowners to not panic. “Recharging the system is only a problem if there is a leak. There are older units that will last approximately 15 years without being recharged.  So, if the system is properly maintained, it reduces the chance that you will need to replace the Freon. But, when your system does go out, it will be more expensive to repair than a newer energy efficient A/C system.”

One of the reasons why the EPA is reducing the R22 Freon is that it is bad for the environment and R22 will be eliminated altogether by 2019. This is why new energy efficient units are being encouraged by the government, utilities and air conditioning companies; to save money, the environment and run more effectively.

“Our number one concern is making sure customers are comfortable in their homes. We are only a couple months away from triple digit temperatures and no one wants to be stuck sweating it waiting for a repairman and then sweating a expensive Freon bill, ” says Donley. “Be diligent about your A/C unit and have it maintained by a reputable company in February or March.”


TRADE IN YOUR OLD MAKEUP AND GET $5. Plus, Mother’s Day Spa Specials

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Zethina Mineral MakeupDo you keep track of when you purchased and started using certain types of makeup? If not, you could be putting your skin at risk for developing breakouts, having an allergic reaction, or becoming discolored. We are here to help! Stop by and toss out your old stuff with us and in return we will you give you $5 for each old cosmetic item*. (no sample-size products.)
End Date: May 5, 2012
  • Brighten Mom’s Day! Give mom a brightening facial with eye treatment, mini make-up lesson and get up-to-date with spring/summer trends. Includes a new lip color and eye shadow of her choice.   Priced at just $175  ($260 value)
  • Relax and Unwind! Mom deserves some R&R. Treat her to a 75-min massage/reflexology combo, 45 minute enzyme facial  for just $145 ($185 value)
  • Me Time! 1 hr pedicure w/ hand treatment, 45 min enzyme facial w/ eye treatment. Just $110  ($135 value)

Book your appointment today or buy a gift certificate. Expires 10/08/12.

*Receive $5 for each traded in old cosmetic item.  The $5 applies to the purchase of each new cosmetic item.  Trade in as many old items as you like and stock up on new make-up for $5 off each.  (For example, trade in 6 items, buy 6 items for $5 off each item.) Some restrictions apply.
Zethina Cosmetics and Skin Care
19420 N 59th Ave E-510
Glendale, AZ 85308
Call: 623.979.4444 

Renowned Arizona Spine and Back Specialists Focus on Well-Being

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MAY is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. The specialists at Sonoran Spine Center can help YOU! 

Renowned Phoenix Spine and Back Specialists Focus on Well-being
Sonoran Spine Center helps Arizona residents stay healthy and pain-free this spring

(April 2012 – Phoenix, AZ) Valley residents looking for help with any back, spine or arthritis issues are fortunate to have several of the Southwest’s leading spine and back specialists available at SonoranSpine Centers.

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Dennis Crandall, Sonoran Spine Center includes a group of cutting-edge, innovative physicians and surgeons specializing in all areas of the back and spine. Helping adult and children with spinal curvatures, scoliosis, work injuries, slipped vertebra and disc herniations, as well as many other conditions, these doctors have studied new methods to improve treatment through both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

“At Sonoran Spine Center we understand the importance of providing high-quality patient care and promoting a positive patient experience,” said Dr. Crandall. “This is what differentiates us from other practices and allows us to maintain quality staff members which in turn boosts patient satisfaction and promotes better treatment outcomes overall.”

Currently, the practice has five top spinal physicians including:
  • Dr. Crandall, recipient of the Phoenix Magazine TOP DOC award in Spine health for four consecutive years, is well-known for his back deformity surgery and research. As founder of the SonoranSpine Research and Education Foundation, he is dedicated to research, outcomes and studies about golf and work-related injuries. Dr. Crandall is the Spine Chief of the Banner Orthopedic Residency Program and is a spine consultant for professional sports teams in Arizona including; the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona State University. 
  • Dr. Chang, was recently a guest-expert on the popular-syndicated television program, The Doctors. Here he spoke about his work with scoliosis patients. He is known for performing successful surgeries that other doctors shy away from. Dr. Chang is fellowship trained in spine deformity surgery.
  • Dr. Crowder, is the only spine surgeon in Arizona using a new robotic method. He has a passion for educating and helping patients with osteoporosis. 
  • Dr. Datta, is a surgeon and expert in all aspects of spine care. He is especially interested in wellness and fitness and the role these lifestyle choices make in supporting good spine health. 
  • Dr. Mosalliaie, focuses on conservative care, pain management, spinal injections, electrodiagnostics and musculoskeletal disorders. 
Sonoran Spine Centers is also proud to have research specialist Jan Revella, RN on staff. Jan has more than 30 years of orthopedic experience and is a committed educator on arthritis, osteoporosis andspine issues. She has spoken throughout Arizona about living and feeling better with arthritis and she is author and presenter of the popular book and DVD series, “Feeling Good with Arthritis.” 

Sonoran Spine Centers has served children and adults with spine and back problems throughout the Valley for more than 12 years. Specializing in areas include the simplest problems to the most complex, from the easiest to the most difficult and caring for patients of all ages. Sonoran Spine Center provides comprehensive conservative care as well as spinal surgery options. For more information on the services provided or to schedule an appointment to speak with one of the highly-qualified physicians, visit and please LIKE us on Facebook

Top 5 Health Screenings Every Woman Should Have

May is National Women’s Health Month 

What Preventative Health Screenings do Women Need to Stay Healthy? 

(April 23, 2012 – Scottsdale, AZ) – Preventative health screenings are important but there is conflicting information about who needs them, when the right time is to get screened and how often certain tests should be done. May is National Women’s Health Month so it’s time to set the record straight and take health matters into your own hands.

“Preventative health screenings are crucial but often confusing for my female patients,” said Dr. Angela DeRosa, president and chief managing officer of DeRosa Medical, P.C., a private women’s heath medical practice in Scottsdale and Sedona. “Routine tests are our best defense for early diagnosis of disease and in-turn higher successful treatment rates if something is detected. Women need to make their health a priority and National Women’s Health month is a great time to do that.”

Dr. DeRosa suggests these Top 5 tests for her patients:

1.      Heart disease is the number one killer of women throughout the world, six-times more likely to cause death than breast cancer. Based on these statistics, women over the age of 50 should have an electrocardiogram (EKG) yearly.

2.      Skin cancer screenings must be conducted every year no matter what your age. The American Cancer Society anticipates Arizona will have 1,650 new cases of melanoma in 2012.

3.      Pap smears should be done annually between the ages of 21 and 30 and then every 3 years in patients older than 30, providing they are in a monogamous relationship and have a history of normal pap smears.

4.      Starting at age 40, mammograms need to be performed every other year and annually after age 50.

5.      A colonoscopy should be performed at age 50 to screen for colon cancer. After a baseline is established, follow up tests should be done every 5-10 years.

“You can never be too careful when it comes to your health,” added DeRosa. “Just this year I discovered a melanoma on a patient’s stomach during a routine skin cancer exam. She had been told by another physician that it was nothing to worry about.”

May 13-19, 2012 also marks the 10th annual National Women’s Health Week designed to empower women of all ages to take control of their own health needs through screenings, being active, eating right and prioritizing mental well-being.  

For more information on what screenings every woman should have, visit


ABOUT DR. ANGELA DEROSA AND DEROSA MEDICAL: Nicknamed “Dr. Hot Flash” by friends and colleagues, Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE is president and chief managing officer of DeRosaMedical, P.C., a private practice in Scottsdale and Sedona dedicated to providing high comprehensive care including advanced care in women’s health and hormonal medicine. She is nationally recognized as an expert in the field of internal medicine and women’s health. After going through menopause at the age of 35, DeRosa focused her attention on hormone therapy to combat early onset menopause. Recruited by Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals, DeRosa worked as the Senior Medical Director for the West Coast where she was in charge of their osteoporosis line and a member of the scientific team for the approval and the launch of the female testosterone patch Intrisa. Currently she hosts a weekly radio show in Northern AZ and holds monthly events called “Hormonal Happy Hours” where women can eat, drink and talk openly about their health concerns. 



Need a job? You need this e-book first!

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Do you have the tools necessary to get hired in this job market?
Phoenix hiring expert Mike Hayes knows the tricks to getting hired and shares them with job seekers in his new e-book.

(April 2012 – Phoenix, AZ) “The Difference Between Being a Tool and Having the Tools. A Commando’s Guide to Finding a Job in the New Economy,” is available now for $2.99 on Amazon and at Hayes’ unique, straight-forward approach and no-holds-barred attitude makes him invaluable to job seekers at every level.

As owner of the Valley’s leading staffing agency, Momentum Specialized Staffing, Hayes has seen it all, “You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have witnessed in interviews. It is a little scary out there.”
Hayes adds, “We’ve had applicants ask if they can eat their lunch during their interview, text and take phone calls and even ask if we wouldn’t mind lying for them about their drug test results!”

This book gives job seekers a plethora of useful information which will lead to a significant advantage over other candidates. Tips include; how to account for the time you have been out of work on your resume or in an interview, how to network properly and effectively and how social media can impact your ability to be hired. Not to mention help preparing for the toughest interview questions!

“The Difference Between Being a Tool and Having the Tools” also provides handy worksheets for job seekers like that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen:
· The Desperate Job Seeker checklist
· Resume checklist
· Songs to sing to yourself before an interview or when you are feeling sorry for yourself
· Tips for composing an attention-grabbing, hand-written thank you note

This e-book is a quick read that gives potential employees quality, useful and concise information for finding the perfect job. The e-book can be used as a resource or reference guide. Doing so will increase odds of getting a position by 50% or more!

ABOUT MICHAEL D. HAYES: An Arizona native, Hayes graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and received his Masters in International Marketing from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management. He spent 14 years gaining professional experience in the securities industry, advising banks, mutual funds and individuals on various types of investments before determining his experiences could benefit a wide spectrum of employers and (potential) employees.
In 2003, Hayes purchased Momentum Specialized Staffing. At that time, the company’s primary business line focused on recruiting for logistics companies. Since then, he has transformed the company into a successful, full-service boutique staffing provider. Frequent appearances on-air and contributions to print media have led business writers and reporters to dub Michael D. Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing, the “jobs expert.” Featured in local and national media, including Phoenix Business Journal, Arizona Republic, and, Hayes is committed to strong, straightforward and frank career advice and finding jobs for his vast clientele.
Besides leading Momentum, Hayes is a member of the Executives’ Association of Greater Phoenix (EAGP), 100 Club of Arizona, Men’s Art Council, Arizona Business Leadership, Biltmore Toastmasters and the Arizona Trucking Association.
Mike Hayes provides tough, candid comments and advice on how to find jobs and recruit the right people in the new economy. He is a vigorous, energetic speaker for groups, and a strong, thought-provoking source for media.
# # #