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About Charlotte’s Web of Clients and PR… April 18, 2008

Many successful PR professionals come from a background in the media. I owe much of my success to a strong background in Television as a promotion producer and Emmy-nominated writer.

My TV career began at WUPW, then WZZM and ultimately, KNXV ABC 15. After leaving TV, I worked with MCDOT in Community Relations and seasonal work with the Fiesta Bowl as a Media Relations liaison for the Bowl games and Tempe Block Party. I also spent time at an agency for Subway Restaurants doing promotion and added value work.

With these diverse experiences in promotion, writing, producing, the media, customer service, and community relations, I have successfully owned The Media Push, LLC since August 2005. My sharp writing skills, keen promotional capabilities, connections in the Phoenix media and strong, Midwest work ethic bring Arizona small businesses exposure and credibility through smart, personalized PR campaigns.

I love sports and my community! (Season Ticket Holder – AZ Cardinals and partial for the Coyotes). I’ve volunteered for the Media Relations Committee of the Fiesta Bowl since 1999. I have been an integral part of the Bowl games helping as a Pressbox Copyroom Captain, at media events and registration. Since 2008, I have mentored scholars of the Pat Tillman Foundation (Leadership Through Action) at Arizona State, where I offer assistance and advice to an upstanding student working on their yearlong class project.

I get a lot of joy out of seeing my Valley based small business clients get exposure through the media. Getting on TV or in the newspaper is reality when you are a client of mine and I couldn’t do it without all their great stories, expertise and information.  There are good, positive, educational stories out there…its not just bad news when you turn on the TV or flip open the local paper. When you hear the good news and learn something new about a small business in your community, let the media know! And, when you need anything from car repair to a microdermbrasion or mortgage, make sure to consider my clients. They are truly some of the best, quality small biz people out there. They deserve all the success in the world and I hope I can help them with the publicity I get them.


6 Responses to “About Charlotte’s Web of Clients and PR…”

  1. Linda ruegamer Says:

    Want to know about the liquid lift that I saw advertised.

  2. Linda ruegamer Says:

    Liquid lift. What’s involved? How long takes? Will there be swelling, bruising, etc?

  3. Linda Ruegamer Says:

    Want to know more about liquid lift and what is involved.

  4. Danielle Sarcione Says:

    Hi Charlotte. You may remember Chris Sarcione from Draft Excellence. Well, Chris passed away a year ago. He really enjoyed working with you. You featured his business but I was wondering if there is a way you can take it off your website. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks

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