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Donley Service Center offers information and advice to consumers and businesses about Freon price increase April 25, 2012

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This Freon increase story is still making news around the country. Phoenix will be hit hard since it is so hot in the summer and AC units are running constantly. 

Here is a recent news story from Kansas City that explains some of the situation. 


Local HVAC company offers information and advice to consumers and businesses

(Phoenix, AZ – January 2012) In the past week, the cost of Freon (R22) almost doubled in cost. This is in response to the EPA reducing production and import of the gas used in many air conditioner units according to the guidelines of the Clean Air Act. According to this New York Times article there is a loophole in the legislation which is dividing the HVAC industry. As a result, many major manufacturers have announced significant price increases and are currently limiting shipments. This will effect HVAC (Heating/Venilation/Air Conditioning) companies and their pricing, plus homeowners and businesses with older A/C units that recharge with Freon (R22) each year.

Mike Donley, owner of Donley Service Center in Phoenix advises homeowners to not panic. “Recharging the system is only a problem if there is a leak. There are older units that will last approximately 15 years without being recharged.  So, if the system is properly maintained, it reduces the chance that you will need to replace the Freon. But, when your system does go out, it will be more expensive to repair than a newer energy efficient A/C system.”

One of the reasons why the EPA is reducing the R22 Freon is that it is bad for the environment and R22 will be eliminated altogether by 2019. This is why new energy efficient units are being encouraged by the government, utilities and air conditioning companies; to save money, the environment and run more effectively.

“Our number one concern is making sure customers are comfortable in their homes. We are only a couple months away from triple digit temperatures and no one wants to be stuck sweating it waiting for a repairman and then sweating a expensive Freon bill, ” says Donley. “Be diligent about your A/C unit and have it maintained by a reputable company in February or March.”



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Jim & Mike Donley

Donley Service Center of Phoenix is the “Best Contractor to Work for” an honor from The Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration NEWS, the premier publication of the HVACR industry. A feature on the company appeared in the Jan. 31st issue of the magazine, as well as on its website.

HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) contractors who rise to the top of this competition have shown their ability to attract and retain top employees, by providing ample training, steady work hours, trust, benefits, and a sense of community and even family responsibility.

Like many others who work in HVACR, James Donley, founder and chairman of Donley Service Center, and president Mike Donley, have both spent much of their careers focusing on building employee and customer relationships that are based on trust and respect. Taking that trust and respect to the next level of uncompromising integrity, however, sets James and Mike apart as The NEWS’ contest winners in the Western region.

“We honor these companies because they tend to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to their employees,” said Barb Checket-Hanks, Service and Maintenance Editor for the publication and the contest’s creator. “They create workplace environments that people are truly glad to go to.”

Winning in the annual contest has become a status symbol among HVACR contractors, and it helps them attract “the best of the best” among the pool of qualified HVACR technicians.

“The secret to success in our company, and really in any organization or team, is that it is all built around the right people,” says Mike Donley, President of Donley Service Center. “We spend an awful lot of time finding the right people.”

For more information on the contest, visit For more information on Donley Service Center, go here.



Looking to save money and update your home’s AC, heating, plumbing concerns? Here is some great information and deals from Mike Donley of Donley Service Centers in Phoenix.

  • SRP is announcing the launch of its SRP PowerWise Cooling System Check-UP Special Offer. For a limited time SRP Customers can get a Cooling System Inspection for $29.95. SRP compensates the contractor (Donley Service Center) an additional $30.00 to complete the maintenance. SRP customers have a great opportunity to get a $59.95 service for only $29.95. We complete all the paper work, the customer just needs us to service their system. The Donley Difference is that SRP is advertising a 16 point check, but we will do our regular “Donley Home Comfort Plan Maintenance inspection” which is a 58 point cleaning and tuning of the system, regularly $75.00 for the SRP price of $29.95. The SRP program started February 1st – For your check up, call DONLEY SERVICE at (602) 870-6840.
  • Donley uses a device on water heaters that can get you HOT water immediately, so you save money and don’t waste time and water going down the drain. It’s called the “Comforts Pump”.
  • Need a new Air Conditioner? Consider an Energy Star one! Arizona Appliance Efficiency Program – Mike says “The 30% tax credit for high efficiency a/c replacements is the one our customers are benefiting from the most.” Energy Efficiency is the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to extend our world’s energy supplies.
  • The Donley Solar Water Heating System is an active closed-loop system that provides their customers with the latest in solar technology from SunEarth Inc., a leader in today’s solar industry. The investment upfront is made easier with large Federal and State tax credits and utility (APS and SRP) rebates that can account for up to 80% of the cost a standard installation.
  • Got Plumbing problems? There may be a few things you can do BEFORE calling a plumber. Check out the video from ABC 15 here.

For more deals on all your home plumbing/AC/Heating needs, click here

For more information about Donley Service Center, go online at or call today at (602) 997-6115.


Solar Water Heaters in the Valley Are a Cost-Effective Energy Solution October 5, 2009

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solarexampleSolar Water Heaters have become the most cost effective way to reduce the homes electrical consumption. With the large government incentives and utility rebates though, Solar Water Heaters are affordable for everyone.

· Arizona’s 300 plus days of sun annually make Solar a natural means to providing hot water all year long.
· The Donley Solar Water Heating System is an active closed-loop system that provides their customers with the latest in solar technology from SunEarth Inc., a leader in today’s solar industry.
· People with electric water heaters who invest in a Solar Water Heaters in today’s market save from $250 to $350 annually in electric costs.
· The system pays for itself in less than five years and you realize the annual savings for the life of the system.
· The investment upfront is made easier with large Federal and State tax credits and utility (APS and SRP) rebates that can account for up to 80% of the cost a standard installation.
· This makes what may seem like a large price tag up front, a more realistic possibility for most people.
· Between the decrease in money spent on electricity and the positive impact on the environment, the Solar Water Heaters prove to help the two main issues that are being faced by society today.

For more information about Donley Service Center’s Solar Water Heaters, go online at or call today at (602) 997-6115.


August is Drowning Impact Awareness Month and Media Push clients showing support August 3, 2009

Valley Businesses Help to Promote August Drowning Awareness Month
The Phoenix Children’s Hospital has named August Drowning Awareness Month in Arizona, and many clients of The Media Push are stepping up to help support the cause.

Arizona has seen plenty of headlines about child drownings, and about the economic downturn, as well. This year, however, the two issues may combine to create an unforeseen and deadly effect: an increased risk of child drownings. As families struggle to pay for pool fences, swimming lessons, child care, and CPR instruction, “stay-cations” mean more time spent by the family pool, and increasingly stressed and distracted caregivers. Ten children have drowned to date in Maricopa County, as compared to nine, as of July 31st, 2008.

This is the sixth year that the Phoenix Children’s Hospital has designated August as Drowning Impact Awareness Month (DIAM). Water Watchers at Phoenix Children’s Hospital exists to increase community education and awareness of the issue of child drowning, and to help the community learn more about drowning through research. Phoenix Children’s Hospital will be distributing over 75,000 purple ribbons to remind people to protect kids around water. You will see the purple ribbons at Hospitals, local Fire Departments, businesses, schools, churches and worn by media.

The following businesses of The Media Push will also be a pick-up location for purple ribbons throughout the month of August.

FAMOUS DAVE’S Restaurants in Peoria, Chandler and Mesa : Servers and managers will wear the ribbons and offer up information to interested diners on how to make a difference or show their support of this campaign. Famous Dave’s will also be holding a coloring contest for the kids that come in and eat at Famous Dave’s. Winner’s get a free Lil Wilbur Meal!
NARPRO (Neighborhood Auto Repair Professional Network): Ribbons are available at these quality auto repair shops across the Valley. Go to for a location near your home or work.
DERMA HEALTH INSTITUTE in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa and Paradise Valley: for exact locations.
Also, DONLEY SERVICE CENTER, a Valley-based AC/Plumbing/Solar and Heating Company will have magnetic purple ribbons on their service vehicles.
For more information about August as Drowning Awareness Month go to and
Please pick up a purple ribbon to show your support. Awareness is free!


How is your AC running in these hot temps? Advice from Donley July 17, 2009

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Jim and Mike Donley. Family owned business in Phoenix, AZ

Jim and Mike Donley. Family owned business in Phoenix, AZ

Mike Donley of Donley Service Centers, a former BBB Ethics Award winner with a current A+ rating has this to say about the current AC issues of homeowners:

Lots of people are concerned about how long their a/c is running during these hot summer days.

According to Mike Donley, of Donley Service Centers “Anytime the temps are 110+ the systems are maxed out and have a hard time cooling the home. The number one thing to remember all the time, and especially in the summer is to change your filter each month. A regular maintenance check up should have been done in the spring to ensure no major issues will happen in the summer.”

For now, homeowners should follow these tips.

Keep the thermostat at a reasonable temperature of 78 or warmer, don’t mess with it. If you can program it, that’s even better. This will save you money in the long run on your electric bill.

Also, make sure the area around the outside unit is clear (nothing leaning up against the unit such as garbage, shrubs, etc.). Keep doors and windows and shades closed as much as possible. If you have a pet that uses a dog door, make sure its got a good flap/seal on it. Limit using your oven to cook and also limit the amount of times the kids keep running back and forth in and outside to the yard. Another tip you may not be aware of is if the humidity goes up, don’t leave the indoor fan/blower on, and switch it to the auto position on the thermostat.

What to do before you call the repairman if the AC isn’t working:
If your a/c is not working (dead, won’t come on)

1. Make sure the temperature is set low enough (below the temperature of the room) to bring the unit on.
2. Try changing the fan switch from “auto” to “on”

a. if the fan comes on you will know there is power to the unit

b. if the fan doesn’t come on you probably have a power problem

3. If no power is going to the unit check the circuit breaker in your electrical panel

a. You can reset the breaker and see if power is restored

4. If no power after checking breaker

a. Most units have a fused disconnect at the unit. The fuses can be pulled out and tested at some local hardware stores.

If your a/c is running and blowing warm air
1. Check the air filter and make sure it is clean
2. Turn unit off and call Donley Service at (602) 870-6840

About Donley Service Centers:

Donley Service Center has been serving the valley with Honest, Committed, and Caring service since 1976. Over the years Donley Service Center has evolved by adding more services while maintaining it’s excellent reputation for providing quality repairs and installations in a customer oriented environment. Today, Jim along with company president Mike Donley, lead Donley Service Center in providing both residential and commercial customers award winning service for air conditioning, heating, plumbing, water systems, and solar hot water.


Staffing Services Save Small Businesses Money June 23, 2009

All businesses experience employee turnover. But small businesses are hit especially hard by high turnover because it forces them to pay the high cost of hiring—again. The cost just to hire and screen an employee can be as high as $375. This includes advertising for the position, conducting a background check and drug screening). And most small businesses don’t have a human resources department that can do these tasks.

Staffing services are taking the burden off small business owners by providing pre-screened employees that have been interviewed, drug tested and had their backgrounds checked. This gives the business owner several advantages, said Mike Hayes, owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing.

“Sometimes because the owner doesn’t have the time or resources he or she will not check references or ask for a drug screening,” Hayes said. “This can be a fatal mistake. Some people come across well in the interview but if you investigate their job history, you’ll find things that show they are not a good employee. And while it does happen occasionally, very few people will show “signs” of addiction during a job interview. A drug screening will alert you to any problems and save you a lot of headaches in the future.”

Hayes offers companies a ‘try it before you buy it’ on the job interview to employers.

“’The employee agrees to work at employer for three hours at minimum wage to see if there is a good fit,” Hayes said. “The small business owner didn’t have to go through the hassle of hiring the employee and doesn’t have to go through the hassle of letting the employee go.”

More and more companies are using staffing agencies. According to the American Staffing Association, on an average day in 2008, U.S. staffing agencies employed 2.66 million workers. Mike Donley, owner of Donley Service Center in Phoenix, is one of them.

“A staffing company has been absolutely essential to the success of our business, not only in finding quality employees, but for saving time and money on the amount of work our staff would have had to devote to going through resumes and interviewing,” Donley said. “We’ve been able to focus on servicing our clients instead of wasting quality time and money on searching through hundreds of applicants.”

The number of applicants for any type of job is expected to increase. Arizona’s unemployment rate is at 8.2 percent, the highest rate in 26 years.

“We had two customer service positions recently and we had 150 online applications, 35 people who came into our office and 375 resumes,” Hayes said. “We get this kind of response every time we post a job.”

Michael D. Hayes is owner of Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix. Mike is a member of the Executives’ Association of Greater Phoenix (EAGP), 100 Club of Arizona, Men’s Art Council, and The Arizona Trucking Association. He provides practical, real world advice on his blog, Mike has been featured on several Phoenix television and radio stations and in the Arizona Republic. You can learn more at Email: 602-477-8193