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Client Accomplishments this week! September 26, 2008

Just wanted to share some great Client accomplishments this week:

Chris Kulpinski was on a 12 News Education panel today with School Solution’s reporter Kim Covington to discuss finances and our children.

Dean Wegner will be getting up early again to chat with Ch 3 on Wednesday at 5:45am and then will be a guest of Ankarlo’s on KTAR at 8am to discuss the realities of what’s happening with real estate/mortgages.

Michelle Evard had an awesome interview on Pat McMahon’s show this week to discuss her thoughts on the big bailout controversy.

Trish Gulbranson is featured as one of the Valley women in “The Million Dollar” club of Arizona Woman magazine which just hit newsstands this week.

NARPRO shop owner, Jim Garnand of Hi-Tech Auto Care got great publicity for his “Name Your Price” Oil Change to benefit Officer Scott, who died after participating in a charity boxing match.

Howard Fleischmann was honored as a Spirit of Enterprise award winner yesterday with ASU’s W.P. Carey Business School.

Dr. Bicky Tran will tell viewers of Sonoran Living if dental rinses, gels, whiteners really are worth your money on September 30th.

And if you want to know more about how to keep your bones healthy, Dr. Shaun Hudson will be giving low cost, easy tips on Sonoran Living on October 13th.


Don’t be fearful about your money August 5, 2008

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Your money is your friend

What are you doing to save money and cut back in these tough economic times? Phoenix financial advisor, Michelle Evard offers some great tips that take the fear out money issues today on ABC 15’s Sonoran Living.

I really liked this article by Chad Graham that was in the Arizona Republic on Sunday. His list of ideas and resources is great, too.



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Michelle and I met a few years ago when Phoenix Woman magazine did an article on women and finances. She never cringed when she learned of my challenges and I learned a lot from her. I’m proud to have her as a client and believe she stands out from the other CFPs by really honing in on a client’s emotions and needs behind their money and savings.


PHOENIX, AZ – Michelle Evard, CFP and founder of Evard Financial Advisors, PLLC is on a mission to change the perceptions of financial planning and the way people feel about their money. She believes that people can meet their finances with excitement and fun rather than dread and fear. Education and advice are needed, not products to build wealth in a slow economy. Her plan is to find solutions by honing in on a client’s wants, needs and emotions about money. Evard understands that gender and background also play a role in how a client views finances.

Evard’s strong values and holistic approach to serving clients sets her apart from others in her field. “We are dealing with people’s livelihoods and the money they worked their entire lives to save up, said Evard. “You should be paying for advice, information and experience, not for a ‘wealth-building’ product like most companies try to sell you.”

Because everyone has different lifestyles and financial responsibilities, Michelle refuses to use the “one-size-fits-all” approach.  She uses her financial expertise to walk clients through the process, providing options that meet their unique needs.  Michelle also gives in depth explanations and takes time to carefully respond to her client’s questions and concerns.

Evard Financial Advisors, PLLC create flexibility by offering three financial investment programs. Each program is customized to meet an individual’s needs and is based on the complexity of each situation. 

The Fee for Plan program is designed for clients who wish to handle their own investments, but would like the guidance of a financial plan to assist them in making decisions.

The Asset Management program is for clients who would like Evard Financial Advisors, PLLC to manage their accounts and investments.

A client also has the option of paying an hourly rate for advice.  Fees are competitive and negotiable and the initial consultation is free.

Evard Financial Advisors, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of services to meet client needs. They provide individuals, families and corporate clients with the expertise needed when making financial decisions to assist in managing finances. They offer professional advice for savings & investments, retirement plans, insurance coverage, tax, social security, educational planning and estate organization and 401(k) consulting. Visit or call 480. 203. 3880 for more information.


Your Credit and Your Future July 8, 2008

Great article in the Arizona Republic today by Russ Wiles about getting control of your credit issues. I work with three fantastic clients and experts who teach how important it is to understand your credit, money and finances.


Dean Wegner is a certified credit counselor and he says you can actually freeze your credit report. Also, its good to have some cards with balances, just not all of them completely full or empty. That takes a toll on your credit score too. He also says there is the Good, Bad and Ugly about Student Loans. Many people don’t realize this is the most common “late” on reports.

Chris Kulpinski is passionate about grandparents and parents teaching the importance of FICO scores to kids. If you can’t manage your money and credit, you may not get that job you want. Employers look at your FICO now and as we see people trying to make ends meet and get a better paying job, they need to realize their credit issues could be the determining factor in whether you get that position or not.

Michelle Evard says there is an emotional background to how people spend, save and invest their money. There is also a big difference in how men and women view money and finances. Women tend to panic and want to save what they have. Men are more risk takers and sometimes better understand that the stock market will go up and down and its ok to ride out a bad time. She was on Ch 3’s Good Morning Arizona this morning. See her interview here!

Click on their names and learn more about how they can help you understand your money and finances!