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Vote and Stimulate the Economy! October 27, 2008

Media Push Clients Pushing Valley Consumers to Vote and Shop on Election Day

A group of Valley small business owners are banding together to ask consumers to vote while helping to stimulate the economy by buying on Election Day.

Clients of the Phoenix PR firm and small business specialist, The Media Push, are honoring those who endure long voting lines and confusing propositions with a reward for taking part in American democracy. Voters who visit the companies listed below and sporting an “I Voted” sticker get special offers and deals.

Discounts on useful items and services for car repairs and oil changes or a few indulgent items, like Botox treatments or massages are some of the specials that will be offered by The Media Push clients.

Small businesses make up 99.9 percent of the 27.2 million businesses across the nation. Accounting for about half of all private-sector jobs, they generate up to 80 percent of new jobs each year and create more than half of non-farm gross domestic products. Small business owners are also the first to suffer from a dwindling economy.

“This is a very important time in our lives,” said Charlotte Risch, owner of The Media Push. “Not only are we voting for the next president but many local officials and propositions that will affect our community and small businesses. This is a fun way to cast your support for local businesses in your neighborhood and invest your hard-earned dollars with them instead of big chains.”

Below are the offers available to Valley voters. Please CLICK on the business name to gain access to their website for location, hours and info.

Simply Impressive Cooking School
: Take $10 off your next cooking class. Spend more time with your family at the dinner table and spend less money eating out by learning to cook smart, delicious meals at home.

Derma Health Institute: Feel beautiful and give your face a treat! Only $10 per unit of Botox, or $50 pumpkin peel facial for that day.

Acme Locksmith: Need to get a spare key made? Receive a free key copy (up to $5.00 value).

Community Tire and Auto Repair: Bring in your “I voted” sticker and receive free mount, balance, rubber valve stem and oil change with any tire purchase. Don’t need tires? Bring in your sticker and they will do a basic oil change for $14.92.

Zethina Cosmetics and Day Spa: Get a Massage for only $60 for one hour or a Body Treatment for only $55. Both services will relax and renew the tired stressed out voter.

Money Smart Grandkids: For just $12.95, invest in our youth’s financial future with the book “It’s Likely Your Grandkids will be Poor, Unless…” by Scottsdale Author, Chris Kulpinski. EMAIL HIM: Car owners who visit the free referral network of independent, quality repair shops website ( will receive a VIP Card. This card offers drivers discounts on services and parts.

Team Dean: Get a free appraisal with loan approval and a full review of your credit report. Also, information on how to increase your FICO score with all any application for a home loan.

If you have already voted through an early ballot and didn’t keep your “I voted” sticker, just mention you voted when contacting the business about the election specials.


Client Accomplishments this week! September 26, 2008

Just wanted to share some great Client accomplishments this week:

Chris Kulpinski was on a 12 News Education panel today with School Solution’s reporter Kim Covington to discuss finances and our children.

Dean Wegner will be getting up early again to chat with Ch 3 on Wednesday at 5:45am and then will be a guest of Ankarlo’s on KTAR at 8am to discuss the realities of what’s happening with real estate/mortgages.

Michelle Evard had an awesome interview on Pat McMahon’s show this week to discuss her thoughts on the big bailout controversy.

Trish Gulbranson is featured as one of the Valley women in “The Million Dollar” club of Arizona Woman magazine which just hit newsstands this week.

NARPRO shop owner, Jim Garnand of Hi-Tech Auto Care got great publicity for his “Name Your Price” Oil Change to benefit Officer Scott, who died after participating in a charity boxing match.

Howard Fleischmann was honored as a Spirit of Enterprise award winner yesterday with ASU’s W.P. Carey Business School.

Dr. Bicky Tran will tell viewers of Sonoran Living if dental rinses, gels, whiteners really are worth your money on September 30th.

And if you want to know more about how to keep your bones healthy, Dr. Shaun Hudson will be giving low cost, easy tips on Sonoran Living on October 13th.


Your Credit and Your Future July 8, 2008

Great article in the Arizona Republic today by Russ Wiles about getting control of your credit issues. I work with three fantastic clients and experts who teach how important it is to understand your credit, money and finances.


Dean Wegner is a certified credit counselor and he says you can actually freeze your credit report. Also, its good to have some cards with balances, just not all of them completely full or empty. That takes a toll on your credit score too. He also says there is the Good, Bad and Ugly about Student Loans. Many people don’t realize this is the most common “late” on reports.

Chris Kulpinski is passionate about grandparents and parents teaching the importance of FICO scores to kids. If you can’t manage your money and credit, you may not get that job you want. Employers look at your FICO now and as we see people trying to make ends meet and get a better paying job, they need to realize their credit issues could be the determining factor in whether you get that position or not.

Michelle Evard says there is an emotional background to how people spend, save and invest their money. There is also a big difference in how men and women view money and finances. Women tend to panic and want to save what they have. Men are more risk takers and sometimes better understand that the stock market will go up and down and its ok to ride out a bad time. She was on Ch 3’s Good Morning Arizona this morning. See her interview here!

Click on their names and learn more about how they can help you understand your money and finances!


Money Smart Kids..and Grandkids! June 18, 2008

Chris Kulpinski Its Likely Your Grandkids will be poor unlessIt’s Likely Your Grandchildren Will Be Poor Unless

Chris Kulpinski, a Scottsdale grandfather and retired businessman boldly states “It’s Likely Your Grandkids Will Be Poor, Unless…”
His newly released book is about the economic health and well-being of our children and grandchildren in a very rapidly changing global environment, where there are no more guarantees – no guarantees of a good job, no guarantee of a pension, health insurance, Medicare or Social Security. The kids will be responsible for their entire financial well-being.
Kids graduating from college, aside from owing tuition, are, in many cases, starting life in debt because they were not taught good money management skills. Companies are beginning to look at the FICO scores of these potential employees and are refusing them jobs. The question in the employers mind is “If they can’t handle their own finances, how can I expect them to handle mine?” Today, no education is complete without a financial education.

Without a financial education our kids will end up as the working poor, mired in bad debt,” says Chris Kulpinski. “Grandparents are the perfect audience for this book, they are in the unique position to spearhead their grandchildren’s financial education through love, education and life experiences.” 

Chris’s advice and commentary from his book are essential in this trying economy because he…

Helps adults recognize the importance of being involved in the younger generation’s financial education
Provides adults with proven methods of guiding their children and grandchildren in their quest to become financially savvy
Provides guidance in helping kids think as an investor; to have their money work for them, rather than they work for their money
Provides insight into how to get the kids enthused about learning about money
Provides multiple ideas for investing small sums of money
Provides information on sources of funds for investment
Provides ideas for motivating kids that live a great distance away from their grandparents

Chris Kulpinski is not a financial guru or a real estate tycoon. He has made mistakes in his investments, but mostly he has made some money. He has no axe to grind, other than the conviction that the financial well being of our youth is in jeopardy.
Chris has spent his adult life making a living in the baking industry. He was successful, because his retirement is financially stress-free. Not knowing how not to work, after retirement, he had a retail computer store for 4 years and was a tour guide for 5 years. However, during that time period since retirement, he has also bicycled across the United States via Canada, hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon numerous times, vacationed in Mexico and Europe, traveled to the southern Pacific and hiked the trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. He has fished for Marlin in the Sea of Cortez and vacationed with his kids and their families throughout the USA and Mexico. Aside from the vacations, everything mentioned above, was done with at least one of his kids as traveling companions.

Buy his book or learn more here: