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Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair is currently in the developing stages of creating a “Community Salsa Garden 2013!” The innovative venture will feature an educational and sustaining garden as a gift from Community Tire Pros, complete with planting for kids at the Friendly House, future oil replacement plants for tires, recycling, repurposing, and way to bring fresh produce to a community that is a “food desert,” meaning the area has no shopping for miles. Community Tire Pros hopes the garden will bring the neighborhood together for a worthwhile cause that benefits the entire community. The garden will be located across the street from Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair Corporate office near Durango and Central Ave and will hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Friday, October 26th, 2012 with city officials, respected guests and community members in attendance. 

“We have an extensive selection of resources that would help kids to learn more about the importance of planting, gardening and oil replacements,” said Patricia Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions with “It’s our objective to help teachers and parents make this not only a really fun outdoor experience, but a learning tool for building a healthier, stronger community. ”

Community Tire Pros have a long term goal for the garden, ultimately wanting the land to mature and grow into a Farmer’s Market wherecommunity members can participate in monthly exchanges of vegetables and other items for their families. They hope to eventually seek out sponsors for plots where 90% of the crops harvested are donated back to the neighborhood. Community Tire Pros along with surrounding city officials believe this garden will change the lives of those in the community who are unable to travel outside of the “food desert,” and provide those families with healthy alternatives. Community Tire Pros will supply a team of master gardeners that will educate kids about the importance of planting, the wonder of Mother Nature and how to give back. They desire to instill in these children “pride and delight, will grow in abundance.”


Since 1991, Community Tire Pros and Auto have been serving Arizona communities with their knowledge and dedication to their full service facilities, offering complete automotive service and automotive repair. Understanding that the community comes first, they have been actively participating in bettering the neighborhoods in which they have repair facilities. They chose their name to reflect the true image and beliefs their company and associates stand for as they believe in giving to and supporting our local communities and have built a reputation of providing the highest level of honest and professional service in their industry.

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Boo-tox and Wicked Lashes Event OCT 14 October 5, 2010

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On October 14th join all four Valley locations of Derma Health Institute for
“Boo-tox & Wicked Lashes.”

Enjoy fantastic deals on Botox, Juvederm, Latisse!
Halloween is the “unofficial” kick-off of the holiday season, so start thinking now about those holiday parties and looking great for events with co-workers, friends and family. There will be contests and drawings for the products you love and special deals on other Derma Health Services as well.
Of course there will be festive refreshments, so join us. Hours vary per location.

Enjoy Wicked Lashes by the Holidays with LATISSE
25 units of Botox & 2 Latisse $350*
Juvederm XC & 2 Latisse for $525*
Get rid of those scary spots with Photofacials
Buy any photofacial and get a FREE express facial
Pumpkin Facials are back –  $75
*After $100 mail in rebate. Quantities are limited.

For more information, contact Derma Health Institute at (480) 539-0777 Mesa/Gilbert, (480) 730-9000 Chandler/Tempe, (480) 460-1505 Ahwatukee/Phoenix or (480) 991-7900 Paradise Valley/Scottsdale, or go to


NARPRO shops are offering to help with the new license plate law December 17, 2008

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narprologo-colorNARPRO shops are offering to help with the new license plate law in Arizona

As of January 1, 2009, license frames that celebrate your favorite things become ILLEGAL if they obscure the state’s name. Violators will be fined an average of $135.00, plus court fees, depending on the city where the violation is discovered. All NARPRO locations will be inspecting your plate while you are there and will let you know if you need to make a change and correct it for you.

NARPRO was formed to help consumers get to know the high-quality, trustworthy shops in their area. NARPRO has already checked these shops out top-to-bottom with a detailed 26-point inspection process, and honor the 12 NARPRO Guarantees, so you can feel confident about car repair and getting a reliable estimate when they look at the car. (Named “Best Way to Find a Quality Mechanic” by Phoenix Magazine 2008)


Your Credit and Your Future July 8, 2008

Great article in the Arizona Republic today by Russ Wiles about getting control of your credit issues. I work with three fantastic clients and experts who teach how important it is to understand your credit, money and finances.


Dean Wegner is a certified credit counselor and he says you can actually freeze your credit report. Also, its good to have some cards with balances, just not all of them completely full or empty. That takes a toll on your credit score too. He also says there is the Good, Bad and Ugly about Student Loans. Many people don’t realize this is the most common “late” on reports.

Chris Kulpinski is passionate about grandparents and parents teaching the importance of FICO scores to kids. If you can’t manage your money and credit, you may not get that job you want. Employers look at your FICO now and as we see people trying to make ends meet and get a better paying job, they need to realize their credit issues could be the determining factor in whether you get that position or not.

Michelle Evard says there is an emotional background to how people spend, save and invest their money. There is also a big difference in how men and women view money and finances. Women tend to panic and want to save what they have. Men are more risk takers and sometimes better understand that the stock market will go up and down and its ok to ride out a bad time. She was on Ch 3’s Good Morning Arizona this morning. See her interview here!

Click on their names and learn more about how they can help you understand your money and finances!


Valley Women Featured on

PHOENIX, AZ – Vibrant Nation (, a social recommendation website geared toward accomplished women over 50, announces new interviews and content from inspiring and informed women in Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale on the national website. 

For the 50 million women over 50, their perspective on careers, love and the media is enlightening and frank. These women look to their peers for inspiration and support; and they know that no one can answer their important questions better than women like them.

With that in mind, the following Vibrant Nation members address second careers, hormones and sex with the following contributions:


Patricia Drain Q&A

Posted on May 12, 2008 at 09:35AM

Author, speaker, and coach Patricia Drain answers questions about coaching, changing careers in your 50’s, and where she sees herself in 10 years.
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Judy Toth Interview

Posted on May 09, 2008 at 12:32PM

Judy Toth is the owner of Simply Impressive, a small hands-on cooking school located in Arizona. She worked for almost 30 years in the IT world, before making a huge career change and opening her own business. Judy talks to Vibrant Nation about what inspired her to open Simply Impressive, how she views success differently, and the joys of being her own boss.
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Laura Holka Q&A

Posted on May 09, 2008 at 12:20PM

Arizona-based television producer, Laura Holka, took a break from her four jobs (yes four!) to answer some questions from Vibrant Nation about her work, her thoughts on the way the media views women over 50, and the next stage of her life.
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Vibrant Nation has also added additional new “top 10” recommendation lists from women in Phoenix and across the country. 

According to Stephen Reily, founder and CEO of Vibrant Nation, the company began creating these profiles on the site to introduce Vibrant Nation members to other inspirational women and to help spark new ideas for living their best life. “Success after 50 is exactly what we want people to recognize in women through Vibrant Nation,” says Reily. “For many of these women, retirement isn’t on the radar. They view the second half of their lives as a launch pad for new endeavors. Women over 50 really deserve to be celebrated and as we have been looking for great examples across the country, we realized that we have many phenomenal women right here in Phoenix that we need to highlight.”


Vibrant Nation celebrates the independence, interests and potential of accomplished women over 50, giving them a forum to ask and answer questions from their peers, and connect each other to the best resources to get the most out of life. The concept began with the realization that there has never before been a group of women like this: Today’s women over 50 have more money and power — and are expected to live longer — than women of previous generations. Over a 10-year period ending in 2010, the 55 to 64-year old population will grow 48% with a significant female skew. In addition, consumers 50+ own up to 80% of the nation’s financial assets and control 50% of the discretionary spending, spending 2.5 times as much as younger consumers on a per capital basis. Nevertheless, marketers continue to under-recognize their value and potential.

“All of us know thriving women in their 50s and 60s who are starting businesses, joining friends for adventure travel overseas, managing their money, buying great-looking clothes and furnishing second homes,” explains Reily. “These women feel great about themselves, but you don’t see companies talking to them in a way that shows they understand them or the lives they lead.”

About Vibrant Nation:

Vibrant Nation is a social recommendation website created to connect and empower accomplished women over 50. is an online community where like-minded women can ask and answer each other’s questions on topics like travel, finance, fashion, work, the arts and philanthropy. Based on the idea that women recognize each other’s strengths and interests even when the marketplace doesn’t, Vibrant Nation was founded by Stephen Reily, a marketing professional who is continually inspired by many of the women in his life, including his 77-year old “super-cool” mother.

For more information or to join Vibrant Nation, visit