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Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair is currently in the developing stages of creating a “Community Salsa Garden 2013!” The innovative venture will feature an educational and sustaining garden as a gift from Community Tire Pros, complete with planting for kids at the Friendly House, future oil replacement plants for tires, recycling, repurposing, and way to bring fresh produce to a community that is a “food desert,” meaning the area has no shopping for miles. Community Tire Pros hopes the garden will bring the neighborhood together for a worthwhile cause that benefits the entire community. The garden will be located across the street from Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair Corporate office near Durango and Central Ave and will hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Friday, October 26th, 2012 with city officials, respected guests and community members in attendance. 

“We have an extensive selection of resources that would help kids to learn more about the importance of planting, gardening and oil replacements,” said Patricia Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions with “It’s our objective to help teachers and parents make this not only a really fun outdoor experience, but a learning tool for building a healthier, stronger community. ”

Community Tire Pros have a long term goal for the garden, ultimately wanting the land to mature and grow into a Farmer’s Market wherecommunity members can participate in monthly exchanges of vegetables and other items for their families. They hope to eventually seek out sponsors for plots where 90% of the crops harvested are donated back to the neighborhood. Community Tire Pros along with surrounding city officials believe this garden will change the lives of those in the community who are unable to travel outside of the “food desert,” and provide those families with healthy alternatives. Community Tire Pros will supply a team of master gardeners that will educate kids about the importance of planting, the wonder of Mother Nature and how to give back. They desire to instill in these children “pride and delight, will grow in abundance.”


Since 1991, Community Tire Pros and Auto have been serving Arizona communities with their knowledge and dedication to their full service facilities, offering complete automotive service and automotive repair. Understanding that the community comes first, they have been actively participating in bettering the neighborhoods in which they have repair facilities. They chose their name to reflect the true image and beliefs their company and associates stand for as they believe in giving to and supporting our local communities and have built a reputation of providing the highest level of honest and professional service in their industry.

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NARPRO is lending a hand to drivers and indie repair shops December 6, 2010

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NARPRO (Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals Network) is a group that is leading the way when it comes to lending a hand to independent, family owned auto repair shops and helping drivers find a mechanic they can trust for life. NARPRO is already a proven success in Phoenix, AZ and is taking this concept nationwide in the coming months.
Now that many people are holding on to their cars to save money, they need to find quality, reliable auto repair near their home or work. A survey by Consumers Reports shows that owners significantly prefer independent shops to the dealerships. Auto repair shops perform an estimated 70 percent of repairs for out-of-warranty vehicles, according to the Automotive Service Association (ASA). How can NARPRO help them?

NARPRO (Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals Network) is looking to change the image of auto repair across the U.S. through an original, one-of-a-kind network of high quality, high integrity shops. The concept will launch in 2011. The network’s website, is simply the easiest way to help good people find good mechanics.

“We launched NARPRO because we saw a need for reliable, quality auto repair and knew there were a lot of smaller, independent shops who didn’t have the opportunities to promote themselves like the big chains,” said Alan Tarr, NARPRO’s Executive Director. “The auto repair industry can always improve its impression on consumers and we believe that by supporting local shops, keeping money in our communities and offering the value of a trusted mechanic is how we will do it.”

There are no comparable networks like NARPRO in the United States. This is because each shop must be hand-selected and evaluatedwith 26 stringent tests designed to eliminate the less qualified operators. There is no way for a shop to buy a place in the network. If they aren’t up to snuff, they aren’t in NARPRO.

For potential franchisees, the NARPRO model offers a bevy of benefits – one of which is the reasonable cost of the franchises (70 of the 75 territories have investments of $80,000 or less).
A true Recurring Revenue business
Low overhead
Large, Exclusive Territories.
No inventory and minimal equipment required.
Unparalleled Support

Launched in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ, the NARPRO network started with four local repair facilities; today, the association represents 30independent Valley shops (about 2.7% of the market). In the past five years more than 93,000 users visited and some 14,500 happy car owners found a mechanic they can trust in the Valley. Customer response for NARPRO mechanics has been an impressive 98% satisfaction rate. Now, this successful model is ready to be franchised.

When a NARPRO franchise starts up, repair shops will be hand-picked by the Franchisee who will evaluate potential members on such things as certification and experience, BBB rating, facility appearance and cleanliness, credit rating, and the satisfaction of their customers. Customer response for NARPRO mechanics has been an impressive 98% satisfaction rate. The long-term goal is to enroll the 6000 best shops in America as NARPRO members. .

“Unlike other associations, you can’t just join or sign up to be a part of NARPRO,” said Jay Jennings, GM of NARPRO. “The franchiseein each city will go to great lengths to ensure that recommended repair professionals practice good business and have high customer satisfaction.”

NARPRO – “The Easiest Way to Find an Honest Mechanic”. For more information, contact Jay Jennings at NARPRO, LLC 1501 W Fountainhead Pkwy; Suite 501, Tempe, AZ 85282. Call 888-627-7769 or email:


Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists to Become Phoenix’s First Certified Female Friendly Service Location April 28, 2009





Howard J. Fleischmann Sr., Owner, Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists.

Howard J. Fleischmann Sr., Owner, Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists.

Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists to Become Phoenix’s First Certified Female Friendly Service Location
New Services Designed with the Women Consumer in Mind

(Phoenix, AZ) – Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists is pleased to announce they have made a significant commitment to the woman consumer to become Certified Female Friendly, through the exclusive training and certification program. Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists will be the first Certified Female Friendly tire and service center group in Phoenix, AZ.

An Ask Patty certified service center creates an inviting and comfortable environment where women feel welcome. They guarantee that the experience of repairing and maintaining a vehicle will be a pleasant one. trained and certified associates are held to a high level of customer satisfaction with women consumers.

In support of this commitment, Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists is announcing their Mother’s Day Service Specials and Coupons. To all customers who bring their vehicle in for service, or make an appointment for service, during the week leading up to Mother’s Day, May 10, 2009, they shall receive a Coupon for a Free Nitrogen fill/Five tires ($39.95 value), and be entered in to a drawing for a month of free house cleaning. The Free House Cleaning Service (Maid Pro North Phx) can be awarded to the winning customer, or they may present it to a deserving person of their choice. Anyone who comes to one of the 5 locations will be entered in to the drawing, May 4th through May 9th. No purchase necessary to be entered in to the drawing. Winner to be announced through the Community Tire eNewsletter on May 14th. Any questions, please email us.

“Up until now, like many automotive businesses and service centers, we thought the obvious goal was to ensure that women were treated the same as men. Through the AskPatty program, we’ve learned that treating women the same as men does not necessarily yield the ideal experience for women. This may not sound profound, but with an increased awareness of what elements women seek in a positive automotive servicing experience, our service centers are better prepared to meet and exceed the expectations of our female customers” stated Howard J. Fleischmann Sr., Owner, Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists.

Service Coupons and drawing will be offered at all the Community Tire and Automotive Service Specialists locations: 15812 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85032; 12251 N. 51st Ave., Glendale, AZ 85304; 2424 E. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85034; 4139 E. University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034; and 945 Cove Parkway, Cottonwood, AZ 86326.

Visit Community Tire and Automotive Specialists here.

Our facilities are full service operations offering complete automotive service and automotive repair and tire repair and tire service on both domestic and import vehicles. For the highest quality automotive service and only the highest quality tires and tire products, and wheels, call the people you can trust. Trust Your Community Tire and Auto Service Specialists. We are an A+ Rated BBB Facility with You in mind!

About, Inc.
The, Inc. website and blog is a safe place for women to get advice on car buying, maintenance and other automotive related topics. Women can shop for vehicles at our network of Certified Female Friendly retailers across the U.S. is a member and 2009 corporate sponsor of the Women’s Automotive Association International based in Detroit, MI, Board member of the, Member of the California board, on the Women’s Board of the Car Care Council, a SEMA member and a member of the SEMA Business Women’s Networking Group. is partnered with,,,,, NIADA,,, MyAutoLoan, Aware and

Ask Patty Certified Dealer Program:
Properly armed with the right tools and training, automotive retailers can increase their share of the largest and fastest growing demographic of new vehicle buyers in the US — Women. The Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly program was designed specifically for automotive retailers to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women.

What Is An Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly Automotive Retailer?
An Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly automotive retailer creates a safe and comfortable environment where women feel welcome and make the experience of purchasing and maintaining her vehicle a pleasant one.

Ask Patty trained and Certified Female Friendly retailers are held to a high level of customer satisfaction for women consumers.

Go here to learn how to become Certified Female Friendly:



Females Feel No Fear at Repair Shop February 5, 2009

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Nadine with her Green Shop CertAIRPARK AUTO SERVICE Presents Knowledge is Power -Car Care Seminar for Women

Saturday February 28, 2009 from 10:00am to Noon

AIRPARK AUTO SERVICE 8115 E. Raintree Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Breakfast and Lunch will be catered by Paradise Bakery

Cost: Free

This Women’s Clinic Seminar is designed to give you a basic understanding of the following:

Indentify leaking fluids
Understanding Dash Lights
Engine Basics
Scams and Rip-off tactics
Proper Maintenance
When actual service is needed

Please RSVP by calling: 480-998-1605 or e-mail:
Seating is Limited so please RSVP Today!
This Seminar will be taught by Nadine Grobmeier, owner of Airpark Auto Service


Don’t skimp on car repairs, it could cost you big time in long run January 12, 2009

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Jay Jennings-GM of

Jay Jennings-GM of

Kick off the New Year right by taking care of one of your most important investments – your car. In today’s challenging economy, consumers are looking for any way to stretch their budgets; preventative maintenance on your car is an excellent way to do just that.

“Many people ignore doing their major 30/60/90,000 mile maintenance services thinking they are too costly and expensive,” said Jay Jennings, General Manager of the Neighborhood Auto Repair Professional Network. “Changing your oil and rotating tires is important every 3-5,000 miles for sure, but car owners should be aware of doing their major services which happen at 30,000 mile intervals. These 30,000 mile interval services can include flushing and replacing your transmission and radiator fluids plus checking other major car components such as the braking and charging systems, making sure every major key component of your car is not going to break down and not costing you more money in the long run.. The old days of looking at a hose and changing it when it looked like it needed changing are over. New technologies are making things last longer but also harder to visually inspect, making it even more important to follow the maintenance guidelines and replace them before they break.”

Jennings stated that the difference between replacing a worn engine timing belt before it is broken can be around $500 versus the engine damage it will cause if it breaks of $1,500 or more.

NARPRO is a local network consisting of 27 highly recommended auto repair shops throughout the valley. Each location is independently owned, full-service and has passed 26 rigorous tests for certifications, customer service, performance and management. In 2008 NARPRO was selected as the “Best Way to Find a Good Mechanic” according to Phoenix Magazine’s Best of the Valley edition.

Not only does utilizing a NARPRO recommended repair shop assure that consumers receive affordable and dependable services; using an approved shop will not compromise or void any manufacturers new car warranties plus NARPRO shops will make sure they are up-to-date on all automotive recall programs. NARPRO shops utilize a national automobile database which evaluates and tracks common problems that occur for all makes and models of cars, giving real world documentation which means better service.

Jay Jennings adds “By using national databases we can view a broad history of car repair averages throughout the United States and inform car owners of potential problems; this gives consumers an additional edge for keeping repair costs down.”

For the month of January, contact your local NARPRO auto-repair shop for your major 30,000 thousand mile interval maintenance service (30/60/90/120/150/180) and receive 10% off the normal price. This is an addition to the 10% discount all NARPRO VIP card holders already receive. Go to to sign up for the free VIP card and to locate a shop near your work or home.

For more information on NARPRO services or to find a reputable, honest mechanic where you work or live visit or call (602) 257-0033.


NARPRO shops are offering to help with the new license plate law December 17, 2008

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narprologo-colorNARPRO shops are offering to help with the new license plate law in Arizona

As of January 1, 2009, license frames that celebrate your favorite things become ILLEGAL if they obscure the state’s name. Violators will be fined an average of $135.00, plus court fees, depending on the city where the violation is discovered. All NARPRO locations will be inspecting your plate while you are there and will let you know if you need to make a change and correct it for you.

NARPRO was formed to help consumers get to know the high-quality, trustworthy shops in their area. NARPRO has already checked these shops out top-to-bottom with a detailed 26-point inspection process, and honor the 12 NARPRO Guarantees, so you can feel confident about car repair and getting a reliable estimate when they look at the car. (Named “Best Way to Find a Quality Mechanic” by Phoenix Magazine 2008)


Did your auto repair shop close down? November 18, 2008

community tire az

community tire az


Community Tire & Automotive Service Specialists are opening their shops to drivers who have warranties or contracts with local auto shops that have closed in the past year. More than 50 independent auto shops in Arizona have shut their doors due to the slow economy, stranding drivers with broken down cars, empty wallets and added stress. Community Tire & Automotive is stepping up to help and wants to ensure those drivers are able to receive the full value of their warranties.

In 2000, the average annual cost for vehicle repairs was $6,880. Since most warranties will cover these routine costs, it is important for drivers to take advantage of this opportunity to use their warranties. In a time where every cent counts, spending extra money on car repair is a choice most people cannot afford.

“We understand the burden on your job and family when a car is not running right,” said Howard Fleischmann, owner of Community Tire & Auto Service. “By welcoming these car owners and honoring their warranties we are hoping to make the lives of everyone in the community a little easier during this financially slow economy.”

If a problem occurs with a vehicle that may be covered under warranty from any closed shop, bring the paperwork to one of the Community Tire & Auto Service locations and the warranty guidelines will be discussed with the owner to find a reasonable solution for costs and parts.

Community Tire & Auto Services Specialists have been part of the community since 1992. The family owned company has grown to seven locations over 17 years in the business and has developed a reputation of providing the highest level of honest and professional service. The Community Tire & Automotive Service Specialists continue to be involved in the community by supporting local business and encouraging all management personnel to be involved in community activities. Mr. Fleischmann believes that customer service is not just an over used tag line or promise it is their goal to exceed every client’s expectations each and every time they visit a shop. Community Tire was awarded the Greater Phoenix Chamber Small Business of the Year Impact Award, plus the Spirit of Enterprise Award from ASU School of business in 2008. This follows the Better Business Bureau Ethics finalist award in 2007. For more information please visit