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Life of being Entrepreneur on KFNN September 6, 2008

The John Adam Show

KFNN 1510 AM airs a Small Business show in Phoenix on Friday and Saturday mornings called “The John Adam Show“. Its not easy owning and running a business, but the benefits many times outweigh the challenges. And, sometimes you make mistakes, but if you learn from them, that just makes you stronger. I have learned that with my own business and from my client’s experiences too.

Last week, Jay Jennings of NARPRO was on. This weekend, Trish Gulbranson of Derma Health Institute was interviewed. Interesting note, the other Businesswoman on the show with Trish was Patricia Drain, who I have known and worked with in the past. Amazingly talented and smart woman who is a great speaker, too.

The John Adam show can be heard on KFNN 1510 AM Saturday mornings, at 8am.

Advertisements for honest, reliable mechanic in Phoenix August 21, 2008

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Call NAPRO for honest help

I have been doing PR for NARPRO for years now. I really admire the owners in this group because they aren’t just mechanics…they are people in our community who actually care about their customers and their cars. They have been in your neighborhood for years. They support the local community by accepting donations for various organizations such as St. Mary’s Food Bank, Packages from Home and also help with car care needs for moms in the Helping Hands for Single Moms organization. And thats just the charities NARPRO works with, most shops have their own personal community groups they support too. But, back to what the shops and why I really like doing PR for them…they want to make sure your car is running right! The shops of NARPRO were selected on more than 20 points of service and standards. Not everyone gets into NARPRO. Even their credit is checked! So, have no fear, car owners of Phoenix, Mesa, Peoria, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale and elsewhere in the Valley! will help you find a mechanic in your neighborhood or work area! Oh, and check out this great article that was in the Arizona Republic this morning.